Saturday, 29 January 2011

Back again!

It's a while I haven't written, I haven't forgotten you though, I was thinking and working on something new. It's about Love and Italy.

My Nonna (Granma) Clara made this, obviously a long time ago, it's all crochet and even though it's very "worn out" in certain points, most of the crochet is still beautiful.
What has Love and Italy got to do with it? I love (I should say loved but I won't because I still love her) my Nonna Clara. She lived in Rome and I lived in London. Through my love for her I learnt that distance can't change how strongly you love someone, it makes it even stronger. I also learnt, that even though I can't see her anymore, touch her or smell her perfume, I love her just as much as if she were here, sitting next to me, trying to teach me how to crochet.

Italy? I'll explain to you in another post... now I'd better go to sleep. Goodnight, sleep tight!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

A bit late...

We spent part of this morning planting bulbs

We know, it's a bit late! But do you think they'll grow anyway? They had already started growing in the packets so we thought we'd better get a move on!

Flower power

The story of a flower:

Once upon a time there was a flower that blossomed into a brooch... ready to decorate a present from the MAXXI in Rome for Zia Deborah

Zia Deborah, who is also a fairy godmother, waved her magic style wand and transformed the flower into...

A decoration for her fantastic "Loden" handbag!

New Year's Eve in Rome!

Rome: Children's New Year at the Pincio!

Impressions from Explora, Children's Museum (how to make an abbandoned building a feature and the "drawing space" inside the museum)

 going to Renzo Piano's Auditorium...

The spectacular MAXXI (the photo's not so good!) and art in the garden.

Friday, 7 January 2011

But I still haven't finished

I didn't manage to finish a star mat which I will show you soon and this is what I am up to now. It's for my friend Deborah (if it looks good enough!). Only a peek though because she might be reading!

And I was forgetting, these are the little gifts I gave to my collegues (decorations by Greengate):

Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Befana takes all the festivities away...

so I thought I'd show you what I managed to make for Christmas before the end of this day:

these are the two mats I made at my Christmas patchwork course in Laveno with Francesca

and these are the Christmas tags I invented using the "improvised patchwork" Christmas tree I also learnt to make at one of Francesca's courses. On the back of the tag there's the name of the person  who the present's for, written with a pen for material.