Monday 17 November 2014

Lake Maggiore and Ticino River floods

Some photos I took last Thursday along the Ticino River, in the north of Italy. It has been raining for days on end and Lake Maggiore and the River Ticino have flooded many areas. Hopefully it will stop raining tomorrow morning and the level of the water will quickly decrease.

A video by Video Varese Web TV, gives you an idea of the situation:


  1. Oh my, the photos are beautiful, but I hope the rain stops and the water levels drop quickly!

  2. Beautiful photos! Hope your weather improves soon although according to the newspaper yesterday we are set to have the wettest winter in years :(

  3. Che disastro! Da noi oggi splende il sole - menomale!!!!

  4. The video is so calming with the music, it doesn't sound dire at all, lol, we are getting your news here and I have seen the photos of the cars all piled up and the mud inside of the houses, it's horrible. Athens is also having flooding problems, but that is because of bad house planning, they have built ON TOP of a stream, with no outlet for the water.