Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Yes, they are actually growing very well! I thought they were going to grow at different moments but I can already see crocus, daffodil, hyacinthus leaves all out!

Can't wait to see the flowers!

Museo Internazionale Design Ceramico

Saturday we went to the museum in Cerro and they'd displayed the Savoia dining service. I remember when I used to work there and it was nearly all stacked on the floor in the attic! Now this is a more fit arrangement. Beautifully presented on the occasion of Italy's 150th birthday!

The entrance to the hall.

There were actually a lot of people walking around, so I only managed to take this one. But believe me, it's worth seeing. 

Silk from Como

This is the necklace I made for Zia Deborah using some silk from Como I got at the Hobby show:

Easy to make, tying knots around wooden beads. I just loved the design on the material.

A present I hope she enjoys!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Trattoria Italia: Happy Birthday Italy

Happy Birthday Italy! Only 150 years old?! It seems strange, but it's true. Well this is our "Trattoria Italia" flag to celebrate this special birthday:

A bit of a mess on the kithchen floor, choosing bits of material

Working on...

Well, I went to bed at 1.30 to finish it but  it was fun!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Hobby Show Milano

Today I went with Stefi to the Hobby Show in Milan. I have mixed feelings about it. Mostly because I thought there would be a lot more patchwork material and I think fabric costs too much here in Italy! (Any suggestions welcome!). On the other hand I saw some beautiful things and some very happy crafters and quilters... And now I have lots of new material and ideas to work with. I have this feeling about what I'm going to make in the future, like when something's on the tip of your tongue, it's about to come to your mind. I have to explain this to you and I will soon...
In the meantime, here are some quilts that were on show:

Using lots of strips of old lace... (reminds me of my "Nonna mat"!)

Quilt/work of art (but quilts are always works of art, aren't they?) and a detail (wool and beads and stitching and... lots of work and love)

And this is unforgettable: it looks like white pebbles on a beach

but look at the detail (and precision!). Love it!

Goodnight, sleep tight, under a special quilt if possibile or get somebody special to make one for you!