Saturday 12 March 2011

Hobby Show Milano

Today I went with Stefi to the Hobby Show in Milan. I have mixed feelings about it. Mostly because I thought there would be a lot more patchwork material and I think fabric costs too much here in Italy! (Any suggestions welcome!). On the other hand I saw some beautiful things and some very happy crafters and quilters... And now I have lots of new material and ideas to work with. I have this feeling about what I'm going to make in the future, like when something's on the tip of your tongue, it's about to come to your mind. I have to explain this to you and I will soon...
In the meantime, here are some quilts that were on show:

Using lots of strips of old lace... (reminds me of my "Nonna mat"!)

Quilt/work of art (but quilts are always works of art, aren't they?) and a detail (wool and beads and stitching and... lots of work and love)

And this is unforgettable: it looks like white pebbles on a beach

but look at the detail (and precision!). Love it!

Goodnight, sleep tight, under a special quilt if possibile or get somebody special to make one for you!

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