Monday, 4 February 2013

Coudre c'est facile and my Christmas decorations

I haven't shown you my Christmas decorations yet... I know it's a bit late, but anyway you might like to see them and they're not that "Christmassy"!

As you can see from the bunting, it's been a bit windy lately! The birds are not "flour of my sack" as you'd say in Italian, that is I didn't create them from scratch. They are from a pattern in the magazine Coudre c'est facile, issue n. 15 Novembre/Décembre 2012:

It's a really good French magazine with all sorts of projects from clothes to the brilliant "Le Carnet du Net" showing you some great creations to buy (or just look at!) on Internet. The explanations are really clear even for somebody like me who can't speak French. If I want to be sure I've understood everything right I ask my Mum if she can translate it for me!

Anyway, coming back to my birds, I used the pattern in Coudre to make them and some country style Christmas fabric and I'm quite pleased with the result. I would really like to make one with the wood stand but have to ask my Dad if he's got a branch of silver beech to cut for me! I wouldn't mind making some for Easter too, choosing a suitable fabric.

You really have to see the next issue of Coudre c'est facile because there are some very pretty Liberty purses I'm itching to make, I'll show you in a future post.

And, to finish off, who doesn't like Candy Sticks? A little bit of Washi tape saves me from drilling a hole in the front door! This masking tape is mt deco by Kamoi Kakoshi Co., Ltd (

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