Tuesday 26 February 2013


I am very pleased to see that Fuxia from Firenze, I spoke about in my second post dedicated Bergamo Creattiva, named my blog in their Facebook page. I see they have come up with some other very interesting novelties for Spring/Summer, an explosion of flowers:

Foto: Il Piccolo Spillone e' tornato!!!

A very creative group!

Foto: Modello Estivo!!!

I have also received an interesting mail from Marsha at The Country Schoolhouse about their Twister templates, I spoke about in my pinwheels post. If you look on Google Images you'll find a lot of quilts made with these templates, with different effects. I'm looking forward to making my Pinwheel quilt! Marsha wrote to me that "the books that go along with it do help to answer some of the questions that come up and give you a lot more ideas on projects to do.  They go in a sequence where one book builds upon the skill of the previous they increase in difficulty.  I did it that way so people could be more challenged as they go on if they want to be.  I also like to include ideas so people can work on doing their own patterns too."
Here's a photo of the template in case you've never seen one. It's very sturdy and... clever! They come in different sizes too. In my area Tessilesa sells them, even on-line.

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