Sunday, 17 March 2013

Heart Comfort Cushion - Cuscino Cuore per aiutare le donne

This afternoon at Francesca Miglierina's shop Tessilesa the members of Quilt Italia Lombardia met for a chat, a demonstration and coffee with cakes, of course!

What I was really impressed by was a Swiss lady's talk about a project she's launched in Switzerland to help women who have been operated for breast cancer. I have looked this up on Internet and found some interesting links:

In Italy by Quilt Italia Lazio:

The idea is to make a heart cushion, which has a precise shape and weight, to donate to women who have just been operated for breast cancer. The particular shape and size of the cushion helps to soothe the pain caused by your arm resting on the area that's been operated on.

The project, which started in the States, was introduced in Europe from Denmark by the Heart Pillow Project:

Our Quilt Italia group is contacting local hospitals to see if we can help too... Let's hope this idea keeps on spreading.

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