Tuesday 26 March 2013

I love Suzy Ultman's fabric!

Suzy Ultman's fabric: Love at first sight!

I couldn't resist Appleville:

(photo from Around the Block play mat free Pattern at Robert Kaufman)

I'm using it to make a quilt for Ella's bed. I like Appleville (the central panel) so much I'd like to cut it up and transform every "frame" into part of a mobile for a baby, but I only have just enough to make the quilt and a pillowslip Ella wanted to go with it!

After Appleville I completely fell for Little Kukla. I adore Matrioskas (or Babushkas) so how could I resist this? Impossible...

It comes in two colour ways: retro (more orange) and bright (more pink). And as if this wasn't enough, all the other fabrics of the collection are fantastic:


I've made a play mat for Lucy, that fits the bottom of her playpen (which is actually a toy deposit!), combining them with some polka dot fabric I already had in my stash. Haven't got a decent photo of it yet! For the moment I'll show you this, a Kukla garland:

When I saw the laminated version (Little Kukla slicker) I stashed that too! I'm planning on making a child's apron with it.
And now she's come out with Suzy's Dollhouse and I love this collection too!

With the panel you can make dolls: there's another free pattern at Robert Kaufman. There's one for every taste, more classic or very funky. There are twelve fabrics in this collection.


My favourite is this one:

I went with an Erasmus scholarship to Holland when I was at University. The Dutch are sooo friendly and they have incredible good taste, so this reminds me of Dutch houses and how I enjoyed living there. I also like architectural fabric too, which means this is another one to put on my Wish (I could buy) List, together with the whole collection!

p.s. all the photos of fabrics on this post are from Robert Kaufman.


  1. Such lovely fabric!!!
    Stopping by from Lily's Quilts - Small Blog Meet

  2. Love Baboushka dolls and that house print! Good to visit via Lily's Quilts!