Wednesday 3 April 2013

Spring Quilt

Spring is coming and so I had to get out my bright springy quilt. I got it out yesterday actually and today is the first really warm day we've had (it worked!).

I made this quilt after following courses by Francesca Miglierina and Roberta Sperandio. They taught me the butterfly "crazy" cutting technique and I thought it was great, really clever. I wanted to add some flowers but as I hadn't got an example of a "crazy" flower, I asked Daniele Di Ciccio to draw one for me, a very schematic one, and then I transformed it into patchwork. Really fun. I've seen houses, trees, stars made with this technique and they all look good. A bit like a child's drawing transformed into patchwork. A way of drawing that will last in time and you won't grow out of. 


  1. Colors and design are great! I looked but can not find any information on the butterfly "crazy" cutting technique - maybe it's in Italian and I should be searching for another phrase?

    1. Thank you very much for the question. I had infact forgotten that the technique is better known in Italian as "Patchwork Improvviso" which is "Improvisational Patchwork" in English. It's fun because you cut through layers of different fabric and then swap the pieces to make the contrast in colours you're looking for. You cut with a ruler (or even without) following your own inspiration, no fixed measures. Roberta Sperandio has been teaching this technique a lot here in Italy.