Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Eline Pellinkhof - Mural cross stitching and fabric

In one of my recent posts I spoke about Eline Pellinkhof. I think at the moment she's most famous for her giant cross stitching murals. This is my favourite:

but you've probably already seen this one:

I have one of her books "Stitch and Sew Home" and it is sooo beautiful, you just keep turning the pages and looking at all the projects beacause you don't know where to start! So many ideas (some from her friends) and the photography is really good. She has other books out too but they haven't been translated in English yet.

I am definitely adding to my Wish (I could buy) List her "Eline's House fabric":

I really like the vintage version, but couldn't find a better photo than this one I took from a page of Mollie Makes (issue n. 19):

It's a panel 100 x 140 cm, with different patterns on the same metre of fabric, giving you lots of possibilities for small projects buying only one metre of fabric. I've read on her blog she's working on some new fabric too. Looking forward to see what see comes up with next.

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