Sunday, 19 May 2013

Russian Doll Keyring Tutorial


Here's a very pretty keyring made using Little Kukla laminated fabric by Suzy Ultman. You can make keyrings using novelty fabrics with large scale designs. They're simple to make and look great hanging from a school bag too!

Start by cutting out one of the Russian dolls from the fabric, leaving at least 0.5mm around the doll. You don't have to follow the shape at this stage.

Sew a heart shaped button (or other embellishment of your choice) on the laminated fabric.

Choose a matching backing fabric and cut to the same size. Right sides facing, sandwich a length of doubled trim to form a loop and sew around the edge of the doll. Make sure you're not sewing on the white part of the fabric but on the edge of the doll, this will avoid the white showing around the edge of the finished Russian doll. Leave an opening of about 1.5 cm on one side of the body, not too near the corner.

Now you can cut off the extra fabric, following the edge of the doll, leaving just a few millimetres. Snip around the neck to make the result more smooth. Turn the doll right sides out and stuff. Close the opening by hand. Add a ring to the trim to transform your Russian doll into a keyring. I made a few for Ella's end of year school concert to help raise some money, they were fun making!

You can easily make a boy's keyring using a suitable novelty fabric:

Linking this tutorial to Flamingo Toes' Think Pink Sunday. There are some very interesting tutorials and a lot of delicious looking recipes!


  1. Those little Russian doll keychains are very adorable! Thank you for sharing. :D

  2. Very good idea!I love it!

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  4. Ever so cute! I love how easy & I would of never thought to use the fabric that way! Going to give your post a shout out on tomorrows link party post! Theresa @