Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival - tiptoeing in!

I'm tiptoeing into the Blogger's Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side with two entries, just for the fun of it and slightly in apprehension to put my work next to the work of some great Quilters, who enjoy blogging too! But here goes, my two entries which I hope you'll enjoy looking at.

My first entry for the Quilt Photographer category is my Phoenix Stealing Happy Hexagon Trivet:

Everyday when I take my Baby to Nursery School and then go to work, I pass in front of the long wall of the Sports centre filled with fantastic mural art. The Phoenix kept looking at me, reminding me something. The Phoenix was reborn from the flames of fire and some days don't you feel like that too? Well, it happens to me so this is my homage to getting up again when you fall down, a message of hope.

Read about my Happy Hexagon Trivet from the Patchwork, Please Zakka Along here

Please vote for my entry in the Quilt Photographer category here from the 1st of November till the 7th of November.

My second entry for the Art Quilts category is my Lago Maggiore Quilt:

Born from my love for Lake Maggiore in northern Italy, where I live. I've spent many hours looking at this breathtaking lake. In this quilt I've tried to capture it's essence: the bright sky with the outline of the mountains,

 the dark water apparently calm until the strong wind "Tramontana" starts blowing...

and the beaches, mostly stony and sometimes with grass reaching the edge of the water:

You can read more about my Lago Maggiore Quilt in my post here.

Please vote for my entry in the Art Quilts category here from the 1st of November till the 7th of November.

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  1. That art quilt is stunning! Wow.

  2. The Lago Maggiore Quilt is so beautiful and interesting! I am so glad you entered your stunning hexagon trivet and your Lago Maggiore Quilt art quilt.


  3. I love your pics! That huge bird really had me wondering!

  4. Oh my goodness - what great entries - best of luck!!


  5. The trivet picture is so darling, and the art quilt is stunning! Thanks for sharing your work!

  6. I love your trivet quilt photo - it had my vote:-)

  7. Amazing photos, especially the bird mural one!

  8. Love the little hexagon and the art quilt is so pretty, too.