Monday, 20 January 2014

Barn Door Quilt Along at Sarah Quilts: Update

A few photos to show what I'm up to with the Barn Door Quilt Along at Sarah Quilts. There is something very zen about this quilt: choosing the fabrics for each strip and cutting. It's difficult to explain, maybe it's the logic behind it. I'm a bit slow but I'm taking in every moment and really enjoying it.

I'm not sure about the hourglass. Did any of you have this problem with your fabric. Maybe I should try making it again and cutting for an exact match (or changing fabric for this central point). What do you think?

More strips ready to be pieced

 Second question: I have this Japanese fabric in my stash which is thicker than the cottons and linen I'm using. I really like the texture but do you think it will be too difficult to use in this quilt or would it add extra interest?

Thank you for you help! 

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  1. It's looking so pretty! I love that you think it's zen and logical. :)

    I'm a little worried about the thickness of the fabric you're considering - the seams may be bulky? Also, I've heard that using different weights of fabric can cause the quilt to be less durable over multiple washes. Sometimes you just don't know until you try though! If you do try it make sure to report back to us how it goes, and how it washes over time!!

    Keep up the good work. I'm so glad you're joining in.

  2. I think the hourglass matching looks fine. I wouldn't have looked twice if you hadn't asked, and I'm still not seeing what was concerning you if that helps you make up your mind :-) Often we're our own quilts worst critics.

    I really liked the grays that you're using! I particularly like the almost solid gray that is in the middle of your two outer strips in the picture. I always love fabrics that pretty much read like solids with just a bit of texture.

  3. Your hourglass looks great. Love the colors you chose too. The japanese fabric would probably be cool, but I'm always nervous sewing different types of fabric together....go for it if you like it:)

  4. I love the fabrics you are choosing. I think your hourglass looks terrific too.
    The thicker Japanese fabric may be bulky for seams... maybe you can piece some scraps into an X block , for a feature in a pillow, and use the Japanese fabric for border and backing... to keep near your quilt.

  5. I had trouble with my hour glass too! I decided to just leave mine. But I think yours looks awesome! I really like how yours is coming together so far! I'll be interested to see what you decide to do with that Japanese fabric.

  6. I think your hourglass looks fine and I would be a little worried about using the thicker fabric in your quilt. Thanks for sharing.
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  7. Ditto on the hourglass looking fine! If your Japanese fabric is cotton I would use it and not worry. I saw loads of Japanese quilts made with those textured fabrics at Houston International Quilt Festival last October and they are intricate and gorgeous! They do lots of applique with it too.

  8. I love the soft colors you have chosen, and I do like your hourglass too-a little focal point to the block, I personally think your Japanese fabric is a bit too thick for this.
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  9. Your fabrics are so soft and lovely! I would love to see more!