Saturday, 12 April 2014

Making plans: Finish Along Q2

I love making lists! The problem is crossing things off afterwards. Need a little bit of help here so I'm joining the Finish Along Quarter 2 over at Katy's The Littlest Thistle. Nothing better than a deadline to make things move faster...

So here's my list:

TRIANGLE QUILT: for the Triangle QAL over at Paula's @ The Sassy Quilter. I've already managed to miss two link ups and this is what my quilt is looking like at the moment. I am planning on speeding up though. It's a mini quilt so I'm hopeful.

The Sassy Quilter

FUN TRIANGLE PROJECT: the above quilt along inspired this fun triangle project I still haven't managed to finish (here's a peek), so I'm adding this to the list in the hope of finishing it soon.

CARDIGAN GIRLS: found two of these super pretty panels for 3 Euro (that's just over 4 Dollars) each and am planning to transform them into two lightweight quilts for my daughters' beds. 

Love the quotes on these Cardigan Girls panels by Monica Lee for Timeless Treasures.

ZAKKA BLOCK QUILT: love this quilt and now I absolutely want to see it finished!

This quilt is part of my list for The Library Project Quilt Along over at Adrienne's Chezzetcook Quilts

Chezzetcook Modern Quilts

EXPERIMENT PROJECT: I can't think up a name for this one but it's another project that has been hanging around for too long, because there is something I need to change... Work in progress at the moment.

My list in the end is longer than I thought it would be but there are some smaller projects here, so I'm positive. Now to work!

Finish Along 2014

(Ends 04/28)

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  1. Looks like you've got your work cut out for you! I bet it will be fun as you see things finally getting done. I'm trying to work on my UFOs but had to finish a wedding quilt. Now I'm just raring to goand see things finished for me. Good luck and have fun!

  2. You have lovely projects to work on there, I am sure you will whip through that list :)

  3. Nice projects! Love the panels. Good luck!

  4. love the orange in your fun triangle project :-)

  5. Best of luck with your projects. :)