Sunday 8 March 2015

Sunday Stash: DIY Bobbin Clips (or Clamps)

You might be wondering what this photo is all about and what it has to do with sewing. These green objects are plant clips I have decided to temporarily transform into bobbin clips. Bobbins unwinding are so annoying, the thread immediately gets tangled up. It's something I can't stand. So when I saw these plant clips the other day at the supermarket for less than 2 Euro (about 2.17 dollars) for 30 clips, I thought I'd give them a go. And they really work!

The idea actually came from the fact that I fell in love with these Tulips bobbin clamps by Smartneedle. I am so impressed by these clamps, the colours are beautiful and the idea is pure genius. So they are now on my wish list. I've pinned them on our Pincushions and Needle Books Board here

Think I'll have to suggest a Massdrop for these. What do think? In the meantime I'll make do with my green plant clips!

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  1. How inventive Nesta, I shall definitely have to look out for these in the garden centre as those trailing bobbin threads drive me mad too:) The Tulip clips are lovely too!

  2. Your version is so much more economical, you will have to send me some someday :)

  3. Genius idea with the plant clips. I have a whole stack of those clips here and now I finally know what to use them for - I buy multi packs of the clips every year because I find the larger clips perfect for all my gardening needs, but the smaller ones are generally too small for me and remain unsed.

  4. So clever!! You could always spray paint them too ;)

  5. They look like a perfect fit - as if they were made for bobbins!

  6. What a lovely idea! I spent ages at the weekend untangling my basket of threads, and separating them from all the tape measures and things which had become tied up with them...

  7. This is so clever. Thank you for linking up with me again at Tips and Tutorials Tuesday! You have the best ideas....

  8. What size are your bobbins?
    Looks like a great idea.