Thursday, 16 April 2015

Pearl Buttons Pincushion - Le Challenge #21 Tradition

When I saw this month's theme was tradition I immediately thought of my Grandmas. Family traditions are among the first things you learn as a child and it's like learning a family language.

My Nonna taught me to love craft. She was always making something, absolutely always!

My Grandma taught me to collect things. She collected stamps, postcards, buttons... just to name a few of her collections. 

All the pearl buttons sewn on this pin cushion are from my Grandma's and Mum's button collection!

The pattern for the cross stitching on this button pincushion is from Cross Stitcher magazine. If you like cross stitching, this magazine is fantastic. They feature all the latest trends and there are always a lot of great projects.

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P.S. Speaking of traditions, I've always admired Pearly Kings and Queens. I also admire whoever had the patience to sew all those pearl buttons on!


  1. gorgeous, love this and love your story! And .... guess what .......... I'm too late linking up too after blogging!


  3. What a funny pincushion with all that buttons. Great to have a nonna who tought you to lve crafting, but you were willing to learn too!!

    Love from Amsterdam

  4. forgot to add, I loved all the mother of pearl buttons from your mum and grandma's collections. My sister and I both love our own mother's button collection

  5. Really great way to keep these safe and find a lovely use for them. My mum used to have a cigar box of buttons, must ask her where they are!

  6. what a great way to have fond memories with you always.

  7. This is so beautiful. I really love the buttons.

  8. Perfectly charming! Your grandma would have been so proud.

  9. I think it is beautiful! I missed it this month too! Your entry is so lovely and the buttons from generations is so wonderful!

  10. Such an adorable pin cushion! I do love the little projects you come up with :-)

  11. Such a cute pincushion. Lovely story and my Grandad encouraged me to collect sugar lumps!!! He had several large jars of them and I still can't help myself from taking the little decorative sugar packets from cafes.

  12. Complimenti complimenti! Bravissima ♥♥♥♥