Monday, 18 May 2015

Hama Bead Party Straws - DIY Kids Craft Tutorial for Homemade Spring

The Creative Factory is back with Homemade Spring. We've gone Hama bead (or Perler bead) crazy over here lately so we're showing a fun tutorial for making party straws with Hama bead flags. It's a fast and easy kids craft idea!

Here is what you need to make Hama bead party straws:
  • Hama beads
  • Hexagon Hama bead base
  • Straws
  • A glue gun

A note, here in Italy at the moment you can buy Hama beads at Ikea (the product is called Plyssa!) or you can find these handy packets at your local newsagent with different shaped bases to work on:

Make six flags at a time using the hexagon base, choosing your favourite designs. Iron the beads to fuse them, after placing baking paper in between your iron and the beads (don't forget or you'll melt the beads on your iron plate!). Wait till the beads cool down before taking them off the base. You can iron them a little on the other side too using the baking paper to reinforce the flag, if you like.

Using your glue gun, place a strip of glue along the line of beads you're going to stick to the straw. 

Wait until the glue is no longer too hot but is still sticky before gluing the little flag to the straw, leaving enough space from the top of the straw for drinking.

And there you are: Hama bead party straws! You can choose colours that go with your party theme and use one or more designs. These are so fun to make with children!
If you're looking for more ideas for using Hama beads then have a look at our Hama perler Pinterest board:

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  1. Very cute straws to make the party happy!

  2. Un'idea simpatica e originale che piacerà sicuramente ai bambini!

  3. bellissimo! very nice

  4. Le bandierine ai compleanni fanno subito festa! Queste mi piacciono moltissimo. Bella idea. Un abbraccio

  5. These are fab, I bought a load of mini hama beads to make jewellery from but they're far more flimsy than the regular ones and wasn't sure what to do with them, may have to give this a go. Hugs and cake xxx

  6. They look so cute and beautiful ! Now I have to go raid my daughter's perler beads!!
    Dr Sonia
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