Saturday 12 February 2011

MIHO and unexpected things...

I haven't spoken about MIHO yet. This is the site:, you really have to go and see the film of their products. I love them! And it must be very catching because I know quite a few people who like their things too. Ella is one of them! Today she decided to spend some pocket money her Nonni had given to her to buy this:

She decided all by herself as we were in the shop talking to the owner. Yes, it's a trophy head and she wants to hang it up in her bedroom! Her Zia Deborah has a passion for these heads too! Even more surprisingly she didn't choose the pinkest one!

Please admire in the background all our tulips: the ones I got yesterday and the very first two bulbs that have blossomed from all those bulbs we planted. They were meant to be dwarf tulips but these two don't look very small!

A special kiss to Ella who made me a Bretzel with wholemeal bread dough tonight. She said she made it because she know's I love them and can't eat them anymore. Only yesterday I was contemplating some in a supermarket (and she wasn't there), she must have read my mind!


  1. la mia cara cuginetta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ciao da VERO :)

  2. sono davvero belli vi segnalo un sito dove potete acquistarli online

    1. Grazie! Sono andata a guardare, molto interessante...
      Ti rimando alla mia nuova post sul tema MIHO.