Saturday 6 April 2013

Sewing in Fashion and Design

I expect you have noticed that lately sewing (and craft in general) is inspiring Fashion and Design. Here are a few products that have caught my eye, I think they're great.

I'll start with an Italian product: Il Centimetro

A really fun bracelet that reminds you of... a tape measure of course. From the vintage yellow tape measure colour to all sorts of different colours, the leather is really thick. My Italian half has to say that Italians really know how to work leather! The quality is very high and the price is low! When are they going to make a ring?

Another Italian product I just read about in Molly Makes Issue n. 25 is this super modern version of the super old sewing box: Sewing the world by Seletti

I have always loved my Mum's wooden sewing box. I think it belonged to my Grandma Ella, I have to ask Mum. Nonna Clara had one too, who didn't have one then?! It has always fascinated me: how it all opens up and the treasures hidden inside. The funny thing is, I was admiring it last week then a few days later I saw this one Seletti is producing. It's a brilliant idea, the design is a little bit on the dark side, but why not? I really like Seletti products anyway, I have a weak spot for their design ideas.

My third favourite sewing inspired product is this: Disaster Designs' Needle and Thread Overnight bag

and this is the Needle & Thread purse
 Not bad at all... They have a lot more in the series but these are definitely my favourite two. So what do you think?

(photos one and two from producer's websites, Disaster Design photos from and

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