Sunday, 15 February 2015

Lucky (and useful) Sunday Stash

I owe my Sunday Stash to the generosity of Pat at Life in the Scrapatch. I was so lucky to win her giveaway which was supposed to be the tree panel by Tracy Lizotte for Elizabeth Studio. Supposed to be because she surprised me by adding an extra panel with Tracy's incredible drawings of birds and nests. Thank you so much Pat!

This fabric is going to come in very handy because I'm joining the Tree Bird Blog Hop in March, organised by Sew We Quilt and with cheerleader Lana at It Seams To Be Sew. The theme fabric is this special Beautiful Bird collection

I also have a new sewing accessory! Oh no, not another pin cushion?! Yes, it's a "Wrist Pinny", a magnetic wrist pin caddy. I swear I haven't got one of these. It should be very useful because I sew upstairs in the "Little Room" but when I need space I have to go downstairs to the kitchen. My pins always seem to be in the wrong place when I'm going from one room to the other! This caddy should help solve part of my "going up and down stairs because I'm forgetful" problem!

Linking up with the always sparkling Molli: go and take a look at Molli's shiny posh Sunday stash!

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  1. Fabric surprises are always fun. You are sew welcome, Nesta. I love the thought that these beautiful bird fabrics are flying around the world and will be coming together again in the blog hop. Looking forward to seeing what you sew ... :) Pat

  2. I love birds on fabrics. You'll have fun making something with these great fabrics.

  3. Great win Nesta, I am looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

  4. Love that wrist pin thing! I've been following some of the tree bird posts - interested to see what you do with your win!