Saturday 8 August 2015

Laminated Fabric Charm Square Trays

We have been sewing some more Charm Square Fabric Trays as they are so fast and fun to make. This time we thought we'd use laminated fabric so you can use the little trays for food too and they are easy to wipe over. This fabric is Remix Slicker Laminated Cotton Polka Dots Pastel, designed by Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

A cup of tea, anyone? It's still super hot here in Italy. So if you prefer a cold drink, we know you're not going to say no to macaroons!

The free tutorial for these Charm Square Fabric Trays is on A Spoonful of Sugar here.

Can't resist a pretty polka dot... and tea with macaroons, of course! 

Yesterday we found these lovely jars with a pink lid, made in Italy by Bormioli Rocco. They are so pretty!

They are called Vaso Fido and come in other colours too. They are a great size for storing buttons and whatnots in our sewing room too!

We have a feeling we are going to be getting more of these...

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  1. Macaroons! My favourite, when shall I call in for that drink :)
    The pink lidded jar is lovely, I can see why you are thinking of adding to your collection.

  2. What a beautiful blog post this is!! I love the idea of laminating the charm squares for these little trays! And I WANT SOME MACAROONS now.... after seeing yours in that beautiful jar!! What fun those pink lids are!!

  3. Macaroons are my absolute favourite . Sugared almonds would look so pretty too in the little tray . They don't last long with me either !

  4. Great idea using laminate - the macaroons look delish!

  5. Nesta these are absolutely adorable! Thanks for linking up to Fabric Frenzy Friday! I have featured your little trays on the blog today!

    -Lindsey (Fort Worth Fabric Studio)

  6. Such pretty photos of your trays! Laminated fabric was a brilliant idea.

  7. what a amazing post.
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