Monday 12 October 2015

Handmade Autumn - The Creative Factory

We're enjoying Autumn here, before the Christmas rush starts! Eating chestnuts, walking around local village autumn markets, getting used to the school/sports schedule again! The days are sunny and just a little fresh, perfect Autumn weather. We've even got our Autumn "Bucket List" Mobile out for the season:

We made this mobile last year for a competition. We even won! Here is the post where we explained how the mobile was made.

We love Autumn. OK, we love every season, but there is something cosy about Autumn that makes this time of year so special! We're off to... collect acorns!

This year our friends at The Creative Factory have organised Handmade Autumn and if you'd like to take a look, here are the links to all their projects:

Handmade Autumn by The Creative Factory

Well worth taking a look, there are so many lovely ideas!

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  1. Your mobile looks great again this year . Love the little acorns . My sons planted an acorn to watch it grow . And it did grow. My father worried we would get attached to the oak and end up with a tree we couldn't cope with

  2. Pretty collection of links! I can see why you like autumn so much:)

  3. I love this mobile. Thank you for sharing tre collection ^_^ ciao Rob