Thursday, 28 July 2011


It's over six years now I haven't had Time. Yes, it's incredible. I could actually sit down (lie down) and read/sew as much as I wanted.Ok, I've even been having naps! A part from the antibiotic bothering me a bit, I'm letting Yuki grow inside me. In the meantime I have found out again what it's like to have time for yourself. It passes so quickly anyway... but I can't complain.

Goodnight, sleep tight!

P.S. I'll be posting lots of photos soon!

Saturday, 11 June 2011


 And this is Ella busy painting a decoration for the new park in Orino this afternoon.

Now time for bed, I'm very tired. Goodnight, sleep tight.

For Mother's day

I made this lavender bag for my Mum (with the lavender she gave me from her garden). Her lavender smells lovely, much better than what you can buy around here!

And what else?

Let me see what else I've been doing...

Two badges I made for Nicole and Priscilla using cross stitch with badges and patterns from the magazine Cross Sticher. They're fun. I'd like to make some more.

Long time...

It's sooo long I haven't written. I wanted to show you some new photos but my mobile is having a nervous breakdown! Let me see... 

This is our Easter decoration. Ella decorated all the eggs and then they were placed in the cage on a patchwork "nest" made with Roberta's technique:

 I also added the two birds which I made using a pattern from one of Tilda's book. The pattern was very easy, sewing the beaks (which I modified from another Tilda book) was the hardest part. These two birds are now on the shoulders of an "Air" costume at my daughter's school. They're doing the four elements and I'll show you how they look soon!

Friday, 22 April 2011

 And here are the flowers in full blossom! We even had two tiny grasshoppers living in the vases. I haven't seen them lately, I think they've migrated!

Angolo del Travestimento

This is one of the costumes I made (adapted from an adult's size) for the school, for their dressing up corner. There is also a Milka cow and a zebra. My Mum made a Doctor's overall. The photos aren't so good, so I'll just post this one!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

April Fool's day!

For April Fool's Day a little pool appeared in the kitchen with an enormous Dolphin swimming in it! And some lucky fishing started...

This is the present I made for the occasion:

And this is what it looked like on!

This was just a few days earlier!

Spring is coming...

Spring is coming! It was so warm today Ella and I were outside on the road playing... football!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Patchwork Course

Last Saturday I went to Roberta Sperandio's course, organized by Francesca for Tessilesa. Here are some photos from Francesca's website:

and some more from Roberta's blog:

It was a fantastic experience. I found out that I'm slow cutting, that I like thinking things out, that with the same idea you can come up with the most incredible variety of results, all interesting for one reason or another. I found out that maybe I will buy myself a new sewing machine but first I have to finish all the things I've started!
Roberta was great and she gave me confidence in my choices. A great lesson, a great day.

Roberta's beautiful (and intricate!) work's of art!

Some of our work:

And this is mine:

I'm working on the top "Shangai" blocks, I want to make a quilt with them but I need help deciding how to place them: Shantung or not Shantung?

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Yes, they are actually growing very well! I thought they were going to grow at different moments but I can already see crocus, daffodil, hyacinthus leaves all out!

Can't wait to see the flowers!

Museo Internazionale Design Ceramico

Saturday we went to the museum in Cerro and they'd displayed the Savoia dining service. I remember when I used to work there and it was nearly all stacked on the floor in the attic! Now this is a more fit arrangement. Beautifully presented on the occasion of Italy's 150th birthday!

The entrance to the hall.

There were actually a lot of people walking around, so I only managed to take this one. But believe me, it's worth seeing. 

Silk from Como

This is the necklace I made for Zia Deborah using some silk from Como I got at the Hobby show:

Easy to make, tying knots around wooden beads. I just loved the design on the material.

A present I hope she enjoys!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Trattoria Italia: Happy Birthday Italy

Happy Birthday Italy! Only 150 years old?! It seems strange, but it's true. Well this is our "Trattoria Italia" flag to celebrate this special birthday:

A bit of a mess on the kithchen floor, choosing bits of material

Working on...

Well, I went to bed at 1.30 to finish it but  it was fun!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Hobby Show Milano

Today I went with Stefi to the Hobby Show in Milan. I have mixed feelings about it. Mostly because I thought there would be a lot more patchwork material and I think fabric costs too much here in Italy! (Any suggestions welcome!). On the other hand I saw some beautiful things and some very happy crafters and quilters... And now I have lots of new material and ideas to work with. I have this feeling about what I'm going to make in the future, like when something's on the tip of your tongue, it's about to come to your mind. I have to explain this to you and I will soon...
In the meantime, here are some quilts that were on show:

Using lots of strips of old lace... (reminds me of my "Nonna mat"!)

Quilt/work of art (but quilts are always works of art, aren't they?) and a detail (wool and beads and stitching and... lots of work and love)

And this is unforgettable: it looks like white pebbles on a beach

but look at the detail (and precision!). Love it!

Goodnight, sleep tight, under a special quilt if possibile or get somebody special to make one for you!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

What have I been up to lately?

Well, I still haven't showed you (I was forgetting...) what happened in the end to the pochette I made:

I added some buttons covered with the contrasting fabric. I'm going to make another one soon turned the other way round, light material on the outside. There is only one problem, I've forgotten how I made it! Help! I'm going to have to ask Stefi again!

I also made this for Ella using a kit I got in Rome at Accessorize, made by Monsoon:

And what else have I been doing? Oh yes, I'm making some mug rugs using a tutorial by Ryan Walsh. I'm finishing these, but I have already got some ideas for variations...

And then I had to do something about the cover to my sewing machine, it was torn and needed... throwing away. So I made a new one using some laminated material I had which I really like and it seemed a pratical idea:

 Before the cure:


After the cure:

I making some mug rugs with another material and finishing a star cushion and I have about a hundred ideas in mind at the moment. But now it's time for goodnight and sleep tight!