Saturday, 11 June 2011


 And this is Ella busy painting a decoration for the new park in Orino this afternoon.

Now time for bed, I'm very tired. Goodnight, sleep tight.

For Mother's day

I made this lavender bag for my Mum (with the lavender she gave me from her garden). Her lavender smells lovely, much better than what you can buy around here!

And what else?

Let me see what else I've been doing...

Two badges I made for Nicole and Priscilla using cross stitch with badges and patterns from the magazine Cross Sticher. They're fun. I'd like to make some more.

Long time...

It's sooo long I haven't written. I wanted to show you some new photos but my mobile is having a nervous breakdown! Let me see... 

This is our Easter decoration. Ella decorated all the eggs and then they were placed in the cage on a patchwork "nest" made with Roberta's technique:

 I also added the two birds which I made using a pattern from one of Tilda's book. The pattern was very easy, sewing the beaks (which I modified from another Tilda book) was the hardest part. These two birds are now on the shoulders of an "Air" costume at my daughter's school. They're doing the four elements and I'll show you how they look soon!