Saturday, 8 June 2013

Zakka Along 2.0: Patchwork, Please!

Monday the Zakka Along 2.0: Patchwork, Please! started. The book is brilliant and I've been one of Ayumi Takahashi's fans for a while now, so I decided to join the Sew along. Her blog Pink Penguin is really cool and very followed even though she doesn't post very often. She invents stunning projects and has lots of clear tutorials.

Sew Along button

The first project is to make Bell Pepper Coasters (Sottobicchieri Pepperoni!). I thought I wasn't going to make these, no way. I don't even use coasters! I thought I would skip this week seeing as I haven't signed a contract or anything, have I?

Instead here I am, working late into the night making Peppers! Why? Thanks to  Penny at Sew Take a Hike: she suggested transforming it into a hotpad. And that's why I am making hotpad peppers! This is the first one: what do you think?

And of course not the only one, because once you start you can't stop!


  1. I love the first pepper! I keep seeing these projects on Instagram and I must say I want to join in. :) Maybe I can order the book on Amazon tonight and just hope it gets here soon.

  2. haha. You've been sucked in! ;-) Your hotpad is lovely. Very nice.

    1. I definitely have! I'm working on some more peppers... a surprise! Thank you for your comment.

  3. I have to finish mine tomorrow before midnight! Love yours! I think I will follow because I like the look of your blog it is unique like mine!

  4. Oh, how neato! I love this idea. Love the colors, too. Gotta put this down as a must-try....


  5. Love the fabrics you chose! I whipped up three of these babies yesterday. I sent two to my future D.I.L. in the Maritimes and gave the third to my long-suffering and abused admin. assistant. - even though he thought it was an apple. Dumb boys!

  6. Giving your post a shout out on I'd love to get back into sewing more. Come pick up your featured button & be sure to submit anytime! Glad to have you joining in. Theresa