Thursday, 14 November 2013

Making Christmas List: Fabric Christmas Cards, mobiles, quilts and wrapping up presents

My list of projects to make for Christmas seems to grow every day as time quickly passes before Christmas. I'm joining the Making Christmas Blog Hop created by Rebecca @ Making Rebecca Lynne and Janine @ Rainbow hare quilts to write down this list, trying to stop it growing in my imagination...

1) Fabric Christmas Cards: I've been playing with this idea in my head for a while, thinking of the best way to finish off the back of a fabric card. I don't want the batting to show on the sides and I would like the back to look good too.

2) Mobiles: I absolutely love them! So I'm planning on making at least two for Christmas. One is about transforming these leaves, made following a Mollie Makes pattern and inspired by some leaf fabric I used in my Shantung Shangai blocks, into an autumn mobile.

3) Quilts: I'm finishing my Column quilt and I have a mystery quilt to make for Christmas too. The mystery is will I ever manage to chose the fabric, get it delivered and make the quilt in time? We will see!

4) I'm going to finish some Christmas Lollipop decorations too, making a version with a tag on top for hanging too.

5) I would also like to work on my wrapping up for Christmas. Every year I like to think of a new way for wrapping up presents and I have a few ideas to work out here too...

Linking to the Making Christmas Blog Hop, this week hosted at Whims and Fancies.



  1. Adorable,heartfelt Christmas card idea:) The recipients are going to feel very loved.

  2. You have a fun list, they are all lovely projects.

  3. Your card is really pretty. So are your other projects!

  4. What a great idea - making fabric cards! Yours is so pretty, with the ornaments. Everything is looking great, and the little paper bags will be charming for gifts!

  5. Love the autumn mobile - though all you projects are great.

  6. Your projects are all beautiful! I love the leaves and your lollipop decoration and your column quilt is gorgeous :)

  7. So many gorgeous projects - particularly love the leaves.

  8. Oooh, super fun! Those leaves are awesome. I love mobiles, so yes. More of that, please! :)

  9. I love the fabric cards! How about finishing the back by wrapping the front fabric around the card to the back, then placing another piece of fabric over that. You could use a fusible product to adhere it if you did not want to stitch it down. Then everything would be finished off nicely. Just an idea :)

    1. It's a very good idea. The batting is already fusible but I think I'll use a fusible product on the piece of fabric I'm using for the back too, so all the edges will be stuck down properly.

  10. I always love looking at all of your fantastic projects going on! your fabric cards are too cute!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  11. What cute little things you've been making!

  12. I love the fabric Christmas card! If only I had more time... Thanks for linking up :)