Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sewing in Fashion and Design: embroidery hoop clocks, zip bracelets, buttons and more

Some time ago I wrote a post about how everything "sewing" (and craft in general) was inspiring fashion and design. In Italy this trend seems to be growing and here are a few products that I thought you might be curious to see.

Starting from these fun embroidery hoop inspired clocks by MIHO Unexpected:

Happy Hour

Take Your Time

Tea at Five

Il Centimetro has developed their tape measure bracelet concept into other products: watches, keyrings, wallets and bags, all made in Italy:

Photos from Il Centimetro

Seletti has also come up with a clever product called Philo that is a coloured electric cable wound up on what looks like a thread reel:

Photo from Seletti

Photo from Seletti

There are also some super fun products for children that are very popular at the moment: Zip bracelets by Shokkybandz

Photo from Loook

and Sbottonati, a collection of 120 buttons you can sew or stick on to decorate (Preziosi Collection):

This is the only photo I managed to take before the buttons disappeared into Ella's school bag!


  1. What a wonderful collection - such clever and stylish ideas! I suppose what you'd expect from Italy :) I feel like I want to stop everything and make a tapestry clock!

  2. Love the Centimetro products. Really cool.