Sunday 25 May 2014

Sunday Stash: Briar Rose Challenge

This week I received a fun packet in the post. As soon as I saw it was from Quilt Sandwich, I knew it had my two surprise prints for the Briar Rose Challenge. I was really curious to see what was inside:

These are so sweet and I love the delicate colours. I have an idea in mind for my project, just have to work out how to put it together!

I added this Lush Uptown Wood Grain in Brown designed by Erin Michael for Moda and I love it (it's actually more brown than in this photo). Quilt Sandwich has it in Moss too, which also looks really good. The wood grain is going in the project too..

There is already one entry at the Briar Rose Challenge and you can read about it here or at Anita's blog Daydreams of Quilts. It's really pretty!

Linking up with Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash, this week over at Quirky Hannah, who is also hosting a fantastic giveaway!

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  1. Have fun with the fabric! My Briar Rose is still sitting neatly untouched where it's been ever since it arrived last summer : P I should get going with it!

  2. I enjoy fábrics post.Have fun playing with
    your new goodies!!

  3. I am interested in seeing what you come up with for this challenge, I have a friend who is making a baby sun hat for hers, she's blogged about it, so I don't feel like I have spilled the beans.

  4. I've always wondered what that wood grain fabric was called! Thanks to you, I now know :) Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the challenge.

  5. can't wait to see what you make - already know it will be amazing!

  6. Ohhhh, you got good ones. Love those 2 prints. Have fun!!!!

  7. Thank you for linking putting a link to my blog in your post. :) You got some really cute fabrics. I will follow to see what you do with them.

  8. I have a little scrap of the print with the frogs... got it in a scrap pack and have never quite figured out what to do with it. Best of luck with your challenge!

  9. Lovely fabrics! Look forward to seeing what you make with these.