Sunday, 31 August 2014

8² Fabric Swap Group - Text fabric for Sunday Stash (Giveaway)

This week some super happy mail arrived in the post from Greece. It was the wonderful text fabric from the 8² Fabric Swap Group organised by Mara @ Secretly Stitching.

I am really happy with this fabric! It worked out so cheap. Buying fabric here in Italy is becoming impossible for me it's so expensive. On the other hand, paying the shipping costs from the States is also frightening! Paying over $23 shipping? I could buy a metre (just over a yard) of fabric here and it wouldn't take over two months to arrive in the post (that really happened to me!). It's money (and time) thrown away for me. That is unless...

1. I manage to buy fabric I won't be able to find here because it's too new and no local shops seem to have the same tastes as I do anyway;
2. the next trade fair is in three months time (there is more choice in these fairs and sometimes there are shops from other countries) and I'm not sure I'll find what I'm looking for anyway;
3. fabric costs so much less in the States that I can compensate the shipping costs with the lower prices. In the end I'm even, I suppose.

The 8² Fabric Swap Group solved this problem for me as we had a discount offered to us by two shops, thanks to Mara. Some of us also bought the fabric together, meaning we divided the shipping costs. Mara also cut my fabric for the swap, so that was fantastic of her too!

Looking forward to the next round of this swap, which could be "low volume" fabric. If you're interested, you can read more about the swap here.

By the way, Mara @ Secretly Stitching is giving away a bottle of Jet Set 2000 (ends 2nd of September). A bottle of what? Read her fabulous tutorial here if you don't know what it's for (I didn't know either until I read it!).

P.S. If you'd like to have the possibility of recieving a Fabric Bomb, don't forget to leave a comment on this post: Would you like a Fabric Bomb?!

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  1. Sounds like a great way to build your stash and you got some lovely fabrics in this bundle. I do buy from the US (I'm in UK) but only sale stuff - even with the postage this works out cheaper than buying the same fabric here.

  2. So glad you posted your pictures of the fabric and linked up to Sunday Stash.

  3. I live in the US and visited the UK in August. I did not buy any fabric. I can buy fabric much,much less expensive in the US even with putting the fabric in my suitcase. There was absolutely no fabric that called my name enough to take home. I even went to the Liberty store and I was not tempted. It was not quilt fabric to me. It was dress/blouse fabric in my opinion. So, I passed.

  4. Coincidentally, today I pulled out two of those text fabrics to make your bee blocks! Maybe I will mix it up a bit and put in different fabrics instead. We'll see ...

  5. I too love using text have some really lovely ones in this bundle! I do buy fabrics from the US if those are the ones I really want to work with, though there are some excellent fabric shops and online stores in the UK too.
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xox

  6. Nice addition! I'm glad we have the choice of local fabrics. You are right about those shipping rates.

  7. What a great idea of the going together for buying a bundle of fabric with friends!
    Your texty fabric bundle is just lovely! My favorite is the typing alphabet in yellow.
    It makes me sad that fabric is so expensive for you to buy in Italy. :(

  8. I love text fabric! None in my collection yet though :)

  9. It`s amazing to go to shopping with friends-Your test fabrics are grogeous.Quilting fabrics are very expansive in Spain.Have a great month!

  10. Cool Post, I did the swap too.. nice to meet cha again.. I had sent the A B C black on white.. I am Mara's Horder too.. LOL..