Sunday, 4 January 2015

Happy New Deer Banner and Sunday Stash

As a present to myself (!) for Christmas I got a wonderful bundle of fabric: Indelible by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery Fabrics. This collection is incredible. Now I have it in my hands (thanks to the fantastic service at Westwood Acres), I must admit it is even better than it looked in the photos I had seen! This is the first project I've used it for: 

Happy New Deer Banner! 

It's an excuse, of course, for saying Happy New Year to you all and sending you a smile! 

I was thinking of adding a real crochet doily but then I found this scrap of trim in a bag of vintage fabric my Mum gave me. The scrap was probably part of a long lost blouse and the pleats are all hand sewn.

I am happy to notice that this little banner fits in well with goal number four I set myself for 2015. A good start!

And here is the lovely bundle in it's full glory (minus the fabric I used to make the banner!)

I now have my eye on Katarina Roccella's new collection: Recollection for Art Gallery Fabrics. I'm very curious to see how quilters are going to use it. The different styles of patterns and scales of the fabrics are a sign of how different trends coexist in today's quilting.

Joining the Sunday Stash link up over at Molli Sparkles!

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  1. I have that collection too Nesta, isn't it beautiful! I love your banner.

  2. Love the banner and a delicious bundle too! Happy New Year

  3. This collection is really lovely! I should pick up some... :) Love the banner!

  4. I love that collection of fabrics, and you have such a fun project to use it for!

  5. I love your New Year Banner! And think you picked out such beautiful fabrics, with the lace, from your new bundle! I was so happy to see that you treated yourself to the bundle.

  6. The colours in Indelible are just incredible, aren't they?

  7. The banner makes me think of birthday cards that read 'Hippo, birdy, two ewes'. :) They were family favourites.
    Such a lovely lace trim!
    What a fun and eclectic collection of prints is in Recollection! I was not familiar with it until you mentioned it.

  8. That banner is too cute, I wish my boyfriend was still here so I could show him cause I think he'd get a kick out of it. I like that you hung it on that natural stick not just a wooden dowel.

  9. What a sweet banner! Love the new fabrics. So fun.

  10. What a beautiful little banner, and being able to use some of your mom's stash makes it even better.

  11. That's very cute!! Love the colors, too -- one of my favorite combinations!! :)

  12. I love your banner and the bundle of fabric it looks so much fun.

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