Tuesday 20 January 2015

Sewing: Italian Fashion and European Design

I love writing these posts about how sewing/quilting is influencing design and fashion. There are so many great ideas around. Feast your eyes on these outfits from the Valentino Resort 2015 collection:

(photo from fashionbombdaily)

(photo from laiamagazine)

Aren't they incredible? And don't they remind us quilting fans of something? I love the idea of putting zigzags together with squares, the same colours balancing everything. 

And how about a giant safety pin wall decoration by House Doctor, you can also use to keep your ribbons in order?! They come in different sizes. Ella gave me one as a present and it's already hanging on the wall over the fireplace. So fun!

Safety pins by Cox & Cox #workspace #storage #decoration #desk

Take a look at these Button Hooks by HK Living, Holland. My favourite is the natural wood one with white leather "thread". OK, I admit I bought myself one in the sales!

Fruen fra Trondheim: HK Living 2012

And how about some stunning 3D wall decoration flowers by MIHO Unexepected Things, Italy. Crafted from MDF in Germany, each flower arrives in a flat pack you can easily put together. There's some tweed and what looks like English Paper Piecing in there!

Winter Garden
(photo Zuloh)

If you'd like to look at some more Fashion and Design ideas influenced by sewing, have a look here, here and here!

P.S. None of the above are affiliate links, by the way. They are all products I like. If anyone wants to give me a Valentino outfit for free, I'm not saying no though! The links are to give credit to the creators of the designs.

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  1. What great photos, lovely inspiration :-)

  2. Fabulously fashionable use of line and color! ... :) Pat