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DIY Faux Tassel Bracelet Spring Decoration - Tutorial Decorazione Primaverile

It's a pleasure to be joining The Creative Factory again to celebrate Handmade SpringThe Creative Factory is a group of Italian bloggers organised by the talented Alex from C'è Crisi, C'è Crisi!, presenting projects and tutorials.

For Handmade Spring we are posting an easy tutorial for making a Faux Tassel Bracelet Spring Decoration. A giant sized tassel bracelet becomes a pretty Spring Wreath to hang on the front door!

E' un piacere partecipare nuovamente a The Creative Factory per festeggiare Handmade Spring. The Creative Factory è un gruppo di blogger italiani organizzato da Alex di C'è Crisi, C'è Crisi!, per presentare progetti e tutorial a tema.
Per Handmade Spring abbiamo preparato un tutorial facile per creare una decorazione primaverile che assomigli ad un grande braccialetto con nappine. Questo braccialetto gigante diventa una simpatica corona primaverile da appendere alla porta di ingresso di casa.

The Creative Factory

Lots of colourful tassel bracelets: you must have seen them on Internet and in the shops! We made our own and these inspired the giant Faux Tassel Bracelet Spring Wreath:

Tanti braccialetti con nappine: sicuramente gli avete visti su Internet e nei negozi! Ne abbiamo creati da sole e questi braccialetti hanno ispirato la Corona Primaverile "grande braccialetto con nappine"!

Here is what you will need to make the Faux Tassel Bracelet Spring Decoration:
  • At least 12 large wooden beads (about 1.5" in diameter)
  • A large glass bead (optional)
  • Knit fabric cut in strips
  • Fabric cut in strips
  • Thick wire, easy to bend with pliers
  • Ric rac trim
  • Lace trim
  • Large charms
  • Glue and scissors

Ecco che cosa serve per creare la Corona Primaverile "Grande Braccialetto con nappine":
  • Ameno 12 grandi perle in legno (circa 3cm di diametro)
  • Una grande perla in vetro (facoltativo)
  • Stoffa a maglina tagliata in strisce (si può usare anche una vecchia maglietta oppure i gomitoli di fettuccia) 
  • Stoffa tagliata a strisce
  • Filo metallico rigido, da piegare con pinza
  • Fettuccia a ondine 
  • Nastro di pizzo
  • Ciondoli grandi
  • Colla e forbici
To start, cut the wire to the desired length (checking all the beads fit on the wire before cutting!) and remembering to leave at least 6" extra for closing the wire into a ring for the wreath.

Per iniziare, tagliare il filo metallico della lunghezza desiderata (controllando che tutte le perle si possono infilare sul filo prima di tagliarlo!) e ricordando di lasciare almeno 15cm in più per chiudere il filo ad anello per creare la corona).

Brush glue onto the lace trim (we used Vinavil) and then carefully wrap around the center of the large wooden bead, letting the trim overlap a little. Cut off the excess trim and wait for the glue to dry.

Usa un pennello per spalmare colla sul nastro di pizzo (abbiamo usato Vinavil) e poi incolla il nastro intorno al centro della perla di legno, facendo sovrapporre la fine del nastro con l'inizio. Tagliare il nastro in più e lasciare asciugare.

In the meantime make the knit tassel using a piece of cardboard about 6" high. Wrap the length of knit fabric around the cardboard about ten times.

Nel frattempo crea la nappina di maglina usando un pezzo di cartone alto circa 15cm. Gira la fettuccia di maglina intorno al cartone circa dieci volte.

Then pass a strip of knit fabric through one end of the loop and tie tightly before cutting the loop the other end. To finish off the tassel, wrap a piece of lace trim just under the knot and fix with glue or sew. Cut the ends of the tassel so they are even.

Poi passa un pezzo di fettuccia di maglina attraverso un'estremità della matassa e annoda prima di tagliare l'altra estremità. Per finire la nappina, fissa un pezzo di nastro di pizzo appena sotto il nodo usando colla oppure cucendolo. Taglia le estremità della nappina per pareggiare le fettuccie.

To make the fabric tassel, cut about 15 strips of fabric and lie them over a single strip of fabric. 

Per creare la nappina di stoffa, taglia circa 15 strisce di stoffa e stendere sopra una striscia singola di stoffa.

Use the single strip of fabric to tie a knot to keep all the other strips together. Fold over all the strips, arranging them so the right side of the fabric shows on the outside of the tassel. Thread the large charms on to a piece of ric rac and use this trim to tie the tassel just under the knot.

Usa la striscia singola di stoffa per legare un nodo in modo da tenere unite tutte le strisce. Ripiega tutte le strisce, sistemandole in modo che si veda il dritto della stoffa sull'esterno della nappina. Infila i ciondoli sulla fettuccia ad ondina ed usa la fettuccia per legare la nappina, appena sotto il nodo.

Now you have made the two tassels, just thread all the beads on to the wire. Instead of the large glass bead (we bought in Venice!) you can use a fabric covered or a painted wooden bead to add variety to your string of beads. Once all the beads are threaded on the wire, use your pliers to make a ring shape for the wreath, twisting the ends to tighten the beads. Hide the end of the wire inside a bead and cover this point with the ric rac trim you'll use to hang the wreath.

Adesso che ha creato le due nappine, basta infilare le perle sul filo metallico. Al posto della grande perla di vetro (che abbiamo comprato a Venezia!) puoi anche usare una perla di legno ricoperta di stoffa oppure dipinta, per aggiungere un po' di varietà al filo di perle di legno. Una volta che tutte le perle sono state infilate sul filo, usare le pinze per creare una forma ad anello per la corona, attorcigliando le estremità per stringere le perle sulla corona. Nascondi l'estremità del filo all'interno di una perla e coprire questo punto  con la fettuccia ad ondina, che userai per appendere la corona.

And here is your Faux Tassel Bracelet Spring Wreath ready to decorate the front door!

Ed ecco la Decorazione Primaverile con Nappine pronta per essere appesa alla porta di ingresso!

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sunday Stash with a Surprise Find!

It's a while since I last joined Sunday Stash and this time I have to thank two friends. First I have to thank a friend (a colleague) who has recently bought a new house. The house was completely empty a part from two boxes in the attic. One box was full of mouldy confetti (almond sweets you give for weddings and special occasions in Italy) which he threw away, of course. In the other box he found a very tidy collection of dressmaking patterns.

He kindly thought of giving them to me, knowing I have a passion for sewing (and he doesn't!) and seeing how well they had been kept. Thank you very much for thinking of me!

So now I am the lucky new owner of these patterns, that seem to all date back to 1956. I've taken it as a hint that I really have to try sewing clothes. That little voice that keeps telling me to try is getting louder and louder!

I would also like to thank my friend Mara at Secretly Stitching who is absolutely unbeatable at calculating the best offers and ways of reducing shipping costs. I do try to work out how she does it but in the end she's so good at it I put myself totally in her hands! I am always in awe of how every time she manages to think of a new way for saving money for us far away European residents trying to buy fabric from the States or Canada.

Mara's done it again. I love the low volume fabric she's sent me through a special offer. I can't wait to start using them.

She even sent me two lovely charms as a present for my Passport fabric. How cool is that?! Thank you Mara!

Linking up with Sunday Stash over at the one and only Molli Sparkles' with all my "low volume" photos!

Molli Sparkles

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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Pearl Buttons Pincushion - Le Challenge #21 Tradition

When I saw this month's theme was tradition I immediately thought of my Grandmas. Family traditions are among the first things you learn as a child and it's like learning a family language.

My Nonna taught me to love craft. She was always making something, absolutely always!

My Grandma taught me to collect things. She collected stamps, postcards, buttons... just to name a few of her collections. 

All the pearl buttons sewn on this pin cushion are from my Grandma's and Mum's button collection!

The pattern for the cross stitching on this button pincushion is from Cross Stitcher magazine. If you like cross stitching, this magazine is fantastic. They feature all the latest trends and there are always a lot of great projects.

Linking up with the super fun Le Challenge!
Oops, I was a minute late linking up and missed out! I'm off to visit all the entries...

Le Challenge

I will be linking up with 2015 Finish-Along over at Adrianne's On the Windy Side as this is my goal number 2 for Q2.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

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P.S. Speaking of traditions, I've always admired Pearly Kings and Queens. I also admire whoever had the patience to sew all those pearl buttons on!

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Setting New Goals: Finish-Along Q2

Time to set new goals for Q2 with Adrianne at On the Windy Side. So here goes...

1) Number one is definitely this Charm Box quilt I'm making for a special Baby and posted about here:

2) Of course there is a new pin cushion! Pin cushions keep cropping up in my lists and this one is going to be all about buttons (who doesn't like pin cushions and buttons?!):

3) Some cross stitching is needed too (for relaxing) and it's another favourite. Time I use up some of the free gifts I have from all the magazines I've bought. I'm a "bit" of a magazine freak!

4) Still haven't even started the twin quilts for my daughters using the Cardigan Girls panels from Timeless Treasures. So I'm adding these two quilts to my Q2 goals

5) A special project that has to do with these wonderful "The Makers" panels by Cori Dantini:

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

April Goal - A Lovely Year of Finishes

As soon as we saw the new free Shortcut Quilt pattern Charm Box by the Fat Quarter Shop we knew it was The One we had been looking for:

It's just what we need for the baby quilt we have in mind: pretty and geometric at the same time. We have to think of Mummy and Daddy's tastes too!

We will be using Heather Bailey's lovely fabric Up Parasol but... NO PINK! Sigh.... we love pink. Now we just have to get to work because a little Baby will soon be on her way to meet us!

A Lovely Year of Finishes

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Sewing notions in Fashion and Design: 5 Great Ideas not to miss

Have you noticed how sewing notions are inspiring so many designer products lately? Sewing notions transformed into charms and decorations. Take a look at our latest finds:
A thimble as a charm on bracelets and necklaces: KeepOut Bracelets & More, designed and made in Italy. KeepOut's charms are inspired by a Southern American tradition according to which thimbles can protect you (and not just your fingers!). Grandmothers gave their grandchildren a thimble as a symbol of protection.
Another favourite: the O bag by full spot has become very fashionable in Italy thanks to it's very clever design.
O bag
You buy the plastic “shell” of the bag, choosing from one of the many colours on sale, and then you can create your own version of the bag. 
O bag create and accessorise
You can pick different handles and details to make the bag suit your mood or the season. The plastic shell can be wiped clean and you can easily take out the lining to wash it:
Istruzioni canvas1 Istruzioni canvas3
There are so many possibilities, faux fur for the Winter, flowers for Spring! We are thinking of making our own lining bags with a zip using a favourite fabric (Cotton + Steel?) to make our bags unique.

Always something new at IKEA! GRÄDDIG wall button decorations become a playful and surprising eye-catcher in your home.
Ikea not only sells good quality and cheap fabric that's perfect for quilt backing, they are also selling giant buttons as wall decorations. These buttons are bright and fun and would look great in a sewing room!

If you want to take your sewing notions around with you all day, why not wear some classy scissors earrings or a necklace with a scissors charm? This lovely jewellery is created by Mara at Secretly Stitching (you can contact her at grecomara at gmail dot com).

Stately Type Sew Hard or Go Home T-shirt - Crewneck
And have you seen these fantastic t-shirts by statelytype from the Maker moda collection. Thank you Mara for pointing them out to us: now we want (at least) one too!

Stately Type WIP It Good T-shirt - Crewneck

We love finding fashion and designer ideas inspired by sewing notions, so why not take a look at our posts here, here, here and here for more fun finds!

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An important note: none of the above are affiliate links. They are all just products we really like. The links are to give credit to the creators of the designs.