Tuesday 26 May 2015

Hama Beads: 6 tips for using Cross Stitch patterns with Fusion Beads

If you like cross stitching, then you’re really going to like Hama beads too. It’s interesting to see how you can use a lot of cross stitch patterns for making Hama bead works (and Hama bead patterns for cross stitching too, of course). A simple cross stitch moustache pattern can become a fun way for decorating a party straw:

 Hama Bead Party Straw

Here are 6 tips for choosing cross stitch patterns to use with Hama beads:

1. Look for simple, compact cross stitch patterns to use. Simple designs work really well with Hama beads. Geometric patterns, like these ones used for making coasters, are very effective:

Geometric design hama beads by mezasaurusrex

Pattern Hama perler beads here to find out more

Complicated patterns with single row stitches when used for Fusion beads tend to break if the work isn’t glued onto a firm support:

Hama Beads notebook

2. You can still use your cross stitch pattern even if it has backstitching to outline or draw details. The holes and the regular placing of the beads mean you can stitch through them, just like Aida cross stitch fabric. Here is an example of face details sewn with black thread through the beads. 

Cute little necklace from Daisy Mooo / hama perler beads

3. Before starting always check that you have all the colours of beads you need for the cross stitch pattern. Cross stitch patterns often use a lot of different coloured threads, colours that you might not find in beads. If you’re missing colours, see if you can find a good substitute or reduce the number of colours.

Oh deer! Beautiful perler project by losdosaikos. He wants a super Mario flower like on mental floss too.

4. Cross stitching patterns with strong contrasts in colours make more interesting Hama bead works. See all the Matrioska dolls made with Hama beads, they are so pretty!

Matryoshkas hama perler beads by mariesmynkning

And dream catchers look really good too:
 Make a lovely dream catcher with Hama bead feathers | Village Voices

5. When choosing a cross stitch pattern to use for a Hama bead work, always consider size. While you can quickly put aside a cross stitch work and then pick it up again, with beads you have to be very careful not to knock against the board and send all the pieces flying! This means starting your work all over again.
Smaller projects, especially for children, give instant gratification and can make pretty accessories:
8-Bit Feather Fantasy Earrings by The Soft Museum

6. Letting older children work with Hama beads (beads are not suitable for young children) is a great way for introducing them to reading cross stitch patterns. It also teaches precision and patience. Children will quickly want to make their own patterns too! This craft is also very relaxing for adults, by the way!

For more ideas on how to use Hama Beads, don’t miss our Pinterest board:

 Hama Bead Moustache Party Straw

If you like the idea of Hama bead party straws, like our black and white moustache straw, here’s our fun Party Straws tutorial:

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  1. Wow! It's such a great idea! And so unusual :) Thank you for sharing it with us ^_^

  2. I really like your idea with moustache straw for a party! Looks so great and unusual! And the deer is so nice with those pink horns.

  3. Lots of great ideas, and of course both hama beand and cross stitch patterns translate really well to quilts as well.

  4. wow - did you make all of those? you are amazing! I love love the dreamcatcher especially. Hama beads will definitely be making an appearance this summer!

    1. We can only take credit for the Party Straws! All the other projects are linked on our Pinterest Board here:
      The small projects are super fun for the summer!

  5. hi. I was never sure about hama beads, but I do love your Russian dolls and the dream catchers. I also love your twine on the card!!

  6. Your party straws are so cute! I can see how these Hama beads could be addictive!

  7. Estupenda idea para la que hace falta destreza y paciencia, mucha paciencia.

  8. I've never tried Hama Beads. You've provided a huge amount of beautiful and inspiring projects. Thank you for sharing :)