Saturday, 23 May 2015

Sewing notions in Home Decor and Accessories: 5 Designs not to miss from Italy and Europe

This is becoming a monthly appointment: here are our latest finds in home decor and accessories, where sewing meets and inspires design. This proves how "fashionable" anything sewing related is! I have to start with this ceramic vase: it's made by the Italian Designer Vito Nesta. Nesta is a surname in Italy so you can imagine I often have problems explaining that it's my name and not my surname... Anyway, Vito Nesta has come up with this precious gold vase that resembles a thimble, inspired by childhood memories of his Grandmother's love for sewing:

For his Sartoria Collection, he has also designed other fabulous products:

BobiniQUE, for example, are ceramic candle holders, in six different colours:

More Home Decor, a Rag Rug with a special twist: the Italian firm Sobel produces this series of mats, made with strips of fabric. A part from t-shirt fabric you can also find silky and shiny fabrics woven into the rug, that add lovely texture:

Pip Studio's lovely porcelain collection called Royal reminds me of beautiful quilts combining florals and patterns:
PiP Royal Tea potPiP Royal Dinner PlatePiP Royal Pasta Plate
As for accessories, have you seen how fold over elastic (FOE) has become a trendy way to tie your hair or, when not in use, a pretty bracelet to keep on your wrist! Popband has an incredible selection:
Unicorn Popbands | Pink, Purple, & Gold Unicorn Print Hair Bands
They are even spot on with the unicorn and hexie trends!

You can read about more of our finds in home decor and accessories here, here, herehere and here (it's becoming a fun series on our blog!).

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  1. I really like those candle holders! They are so nice. And also I like this idea with FOE accessories! That's interesting!

  2. Gorgeous finds! The candle holders are great and I love the ceramics :)