Monday 17 June 2013

Zakka Along 2.0: Breakfast Placemat and Napkin

Week two for Zakka Aong 2.0 and the project was for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Towels. I must admit I cheated in this one. I've had some plain (and dreary!) linen placemats for a while now, thinking I could cheer them up some how. When I saw Ayumi Takahashi's project for lettered towels, I knew I had to try it on my placemats.

And this is the result! 
That is after solving a few problems:
1) First of all the fusible web wouldn't stick to the material. I discovered this after having ironed all the letters on the placemat and, after leaving it on one side for a while, I picked it up and three dropped off! I tried ironing with a new layer of fusible web but it still didn't work very well (swear I followed the instructions). So I decided it was the kind of material that was too rough.
2) I have a lot of scraps of Tanya Whelan's Dolce and I really like the colours, so I decided to use those. When they were just ironed on I thought they looked too pale and wouldn't stand out on the linen. Luckily the orange zigzag stitch seems to have made them stand out enough.
3) I realised I'm not so good at zigzaging around letters! I love the blanket stitch Debbie has used for her towel, next time I'll try that.

4) I was worried about the frying pan and egg, which I made in a smaller scale to fit the napkin, and not cover the whole thing. I thought they would be really hard to iron in the right place and to stitch around. I like the final result, they were actually easier to sew than the letters.

5) the binding: I cheated here too using ready made bias binding tape but I've promised myself I will use Ayumi's tutorial for making my own when I have more time.

6) Lucy, my sixteen month old daughter, stole the bowl with the cornflakes (really fast) and wouldn't give it back, just when I was trying to take the photos! I gave her some bread instead because it was actually dinner time.

Thank you for joining me for (pretend) breakfast!

 P.S. Thank you Daniele for your help with the photos!

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  1. So, so cute! The red gingham looks great with the Dolce scraps--don't sweat not having made it, you made a great pairing. Your egg, flipper, and frying pan turned out so perfect and cute.

  2. This is just darling and I really appreciate that you itemized your 'changes' to the original project. Very cool!

  3. I love your idea of making placemats. I wish I had thought to do that. You should have posted earlier! Ha, ha. I know! It's so hard to keep up with this schedule!

    1. I still can't believe I've managed two out of two so far!

  4. This is a cute project and a fun way to change up the basic idea from the book :D

  5. So very cute! Way to adapt and make something sooo pretty! I love your little egg pan and flipper!


  6. You did a fabulous job! I do a lot of applique and think your zig-zagging is just fine. Like everyone else... I was drawn to your little frying pan, flipper and egg. Adorable!

    Glad to have 'met' you through the Blog Hop!


  7. That is really cute!! I think the lunch one would look great on a lunch bag! Thanks so much for sharing this at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  8. I haven't been a fan of quilty placemats, but those are so adorable. I may have to have a re-think!

  9. This is just darling! I love that you made it into a placemat and napkin!

  10. Adorable!!! You did a great job!
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    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  11. What a fun piece to be able to use everyday. Lovely.

  12. They turned out great, really cute! I like your orange stitching and the binding is really pretty too :-)

  13. The bias binding was the right choice for this project. You don't always have to make your own. And by the way, straight binding works very well on projects with straight lines. You might want to learn how to do that kind first because it is easier to learn the first couple of steps separately, and straight binding just might be easier to sew than the bias stuff.