Saturday, 17 May 2014

Story of the Triangle Fabric Mountains Mini Quilt - Blogger's Quilt Festival

Blogger's Quilt Festival time and I thought: oh, why not join in the fun?! I'm participating with my Triangle Fabric Mountains mini quilt, celebrating the beautiful mountains of Lake Maggiore, in the north of Italy.

I got the idea for the design of this quilt after I joined the Library Project Quilt Along over at Adrienne's Chezzetcook Quilts and decided to add a triangle quilt to my challenges for the Quilt Along. I had seen Jeni Baker's equilateral triangle quilt pattern "Trios Lap Quilt" in issue 1 of Love Patchwork & Quilting and was curious about piecing triangles.

And here's the sketch I made of an idea I had for a baby quilt using triangles to make a mountain scene. I sometimes draw on odd bits of paper or serviettes and then stick the drawings in my note book. This sketch is particularly scruffy! But it's funny how the main idea hasn't changed at all.

Then Paula at The Sassy Quilter hosted the fun Triangle Quilt Along and I thought it would be helpful to have a tight schedule for making my baby quilt, which in the meantime became a mini quilt.
So this pile of triangles:

got this long but very useful "tip cutting off" treatment:

And I thought I was going to go mad sewing 119 3" triangles, but when the rows started coming together I saw it was worth the trouble:

The final result:

The quilting is just around the mountains and the "cloud" machine embroidery on the white background fabric.

Title: Triangle Fabric Mountains mini quilt:
Size:  20.5" x 20.5", with 119 3" triangles
Fabrics: mainly Ever Kelly's Storybook Lane for Andover Fabrics
Quilt design: my own!
No binding!
All the Lake photos are by Daniele Di Ciccio.

I would love for you to vote for my Triangle Fabric Mountains mini quilt

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  1. What a great mini quilt! 119 3" triangles?!? Whoa! It is beautiful.

  2. What a great and funny quilt!

  3. I can see why you went for the mini quilt Nesta, 119 triangles are more than enough for anyone :)

  4. That's a lotta triangles. Very cute!

  5. Oh my word! I LOVE this. One of the things I loved about Paula's quilt along was the secondary designs that some quilters created in the triangles. You take the cake. I love the fussy cut houses on the mountain side, and I love the cloud fabric that you used in the sky. And the cloud quilting is too cute. Wow! Great job.

  6. Wow what a cute clever quilt! I hear ya on 119 triangles; I just finished piecing all 19 rows of a plus sign quilt that has 361 squares. After I cut them and piled them in order I really thought I was in too deep. Sometimes ya just gotta press through cause the outcome is usually worth it!.

  7. Very cute - happy to see it all finished up!

  8. This has turned out beautifully and I love the way you've photographed it :)

  9. Beautifully made and quilted. I love the colours you have chosen and your design. The first photo made the quilt look much larger than it actually is.

  10. Beautiful quilt using all those triangles and beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing.

  11. So cute and the backdrop is beautiful too, I love a good mountain! Those fussy cut houses are the best :)

  12. Fabulous explanation of everything that you did to complete this mini! I love the pics and the fussy cutting!

  13. Very cute and thanks for sharing your thought process! I really love the houses "up in the mountains"!