Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday Stash: winter infinity scarf

I have a very elaborate excuse for buying this fabric the other day even though I'm following the Fabriholics Anonymous fabric fast:

1. After seeing the beautiful 1 Hour Floral and Lace Infinity Scarf on Flamingo Toes and many others around Blogland (see my friend Jenn's lovely one at A Quarter Inch from the Edge) I couldn't resist making one myself;
2. I needed another medium weight winter scarf, so rather than buying one I decided to try making an infinity scarf myself, at last. It's cheaper and I get to choose fabrics I really like;
3. My Fabriholics Anonymous fabric fast has been a choice made in (large) part because of the very high cost of fabric in Italy, as I actually have a small stash. I'd have to pay 22 Euro for a metre of quilting quality (and design) fabric, which is about 30 Dollars for 1.094 yards. Last year I bought some fabric on-line from Canada and I still spent less than I would have had to spend here even after shipping costs and a surprise extra for customs. Of course I have to buy more fabric to cover the shipping/customs costs. I still haven't understood why sometimes I have to pay customs on fabric orders for the States or Canada and sometimes I don't. Maybe someday I will find out why!
4. I have a kit for making an infinity scarf for my daughter Ella, I bought a couple of years ago, but wanted to test making one before cutting into the beautiful fabric in this kit;
5. The fabric isn't for quilting but for an essential clothes item!

O.K. Was that excuse elaborate enough? I didn't have to pay the model either. This is... myself trying to keep a straight face while Ella has the impossible task of taking a photo of me. I always pull funny faces when I'm having my photo taken! I realised afterwards you can't see the second knit fabric I used, which is a light linen colour, but the model refuses to pose again!

Here I'm about to start laughing!

Flamingo Toes also had a great post some time ago with a list of 30 Fabulous DIY Scarf Tutorials, if you'd like to check it out. Flamingo Toes has about three tutorials every week and Beverly comes up with the most brilliant ideas in different craft areas. Her style is so inspiring. Love following her work.

Don't miss our giveaway for the Grow Your Blog Party here: you could win a useful and inspiring prize:

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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Grow Your Blog!!! 2014 Annual Meet - Welcome to our Blog and giveaway!

Hello and welcome to our Little Room in Blogland! A big thank you, first of all, to the super kind and efficient Vicki at Two Bags Full for organising the Grow Your Blog!!! party.

2 Bags Full

We are a mother and daughter team and this is our space for creating and sharing. Here's a glimpse of our projects and what we're up to.

This year we're organising the One Block Project dedicated to making something special using just one of those fantastic blocks you want to try out but don't have time to invest into making a whole quilt with:

Every month we'll be posting new projects using just one block, starting from this week. So come and join us!

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We're joining in:


We're enjoying making our own version of the Barn Door Quilt at Sarah's Quilt Along

Come join us at the Skinny Pincushion Swap our bloggy friend Amy @ Amy Made That! has organised, entries are still open. This is the Flickr page for more fun photos.

Don't miss our Best Links Up page, where we list and keep up to date all the great linky parties dedicated to quilting, sewing and creating.

We have a special giveaway for you, to say thank you for visiting Ella and Nesta's Little Room. We are giving away, thanks to the very kind publisher, one copy of the first issue of Love Patchwork & Quilting, the new modern quilting magazine everybody is talking about. This issue includes a sweet DIY gift and lots of great projects and articles from your favourite bloggers:

To have a chance at winning a copy of the first issue of Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine please leave a comment.

We will send the prize anywhere in the world so all international entries are welcome! The winner will be announced on February the 15th. Good luck and Happy Blog Party! 
Remember you can visit over 500 Blogs participating in the Grow Your Blog!!! Annual Meet! Just click on the Grow Your Blog!!! button below:

2 Bags Full

Ella and Nesta

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Come join the Skinny Pincushion Swap at Amy Made That!

Getting Skinny for 2014? My friend Amy at Amy Made That! has written a post all about it... well actually it's about a fun Skinny Pinnie Swap! A few months ago I made a skinny pincushion for the Across the Pond Sew Along and I was really surprised how quick it was to make. 

I was also surprised at the success my Skinny Pincushion had and now I keep coming across it on Pinterest boards!

Why not try making a Skinny Pinnie yourself? Even if your to-do list is endless, this is a really quick and satisfying project. Amy is now accepting sign-ups and there's the whole month of February to get to know your new swap friend! Check out the Skinny Pincushion Swap Flickr Group and the Across the Pond Sew Along Flickr group:

Hope to meet you at the swap!

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Monday, 20 January 2014

Barn Door Quilt Along at Sarah Quilts: Update

A few photos to show what I'm up to with the Barn Door Quilt Along at Sarah Quilts. There is something very zen about this quilt: choosing the fabrics for each strip and cutting. It's difficult to explain, maybe it's the logic behind it. I'm a bit slow but I'm taking in every moment and really enjoying it.

I'm not sure about the hourglass. Did any of you have this problem with your fabric. Maybe I should try making it again and cutting for an exact match (or changing fabric for this central point). What do you think?

More strips ready to be pieced

 Second question: I have this Japanese fabric in my stash which is thicker than the cottons and linen I'm using. I really like the texture but do you think it will be too difficult to use in this quilt or would it add extra interest?

Thank you for you help! 

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Challenges 2014: The Library Project Quilt Along at Chezzetcook Modern Quilts

Adrienne at Chezzetcook Modern Quilts has had this brilliant idea: she's challenging us to select at least 4 projects from our personal Modern Quilting Library (that's posh for the untidy and ever growing stack of books and magazines I've got on my shelf!), one per book/magazine, and to make them during the year. There's going to be a monthly progress link up and a final finish/prizes link up in December.

Here is my choice of projects:

1) Zakka Block Quilt by Leslie Good in Zakka Style (Compiled by Rashida Coleman-Hale)

and this is the beautiful fabric I'm planning on using: Essex Yarn Dyed in Black and Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander. I ordered this fabric last year (from the very helpful and efficient Pam at Mad About Patchwork) so I'm in keeping with my Fabriholics Anonymous commitment!

2) Window Box quilt from Color Shuffle by Karla Alexander. It's a long time I've been wanting to make this quilt and now is the chance. I don't have the fabric for it but the fast finishes in June so maybe I'll still manage to make it by the end of the year!

3) This is a smaller sized project: Appliquéd Floor Mat by Suzuko Koseki from Natural Patchwork. I can use scraps for this project and I'm planning on using shades of orange.

4) I would love to make this quilt as a present for a baby who is nearly one year old, but there's a problem: I've looked for my copy of the magazine everywhere and I can't find it. It's Chloe Owen's mini rainbow quilt from issue 9 of Mollie Makes and I have absolutely no idea where it is. So if there is somebody kind enough to send me a copy of the page with the instructions I would be so grateful. I've had a subscription to Mollie Makes for a long time now and this quilt has really stuck in my mind. I'm going to make it anyway even if I have to invent the measurements. Does this count?

These are the stunning, beautiful, wonderful, incredible, graphic fabrics I'm going to use (Father Christmas so kindly brought these!): Botanics by Carolyn Friedlander. You've guessed right, I'm a fan!

5) I have another project that I would really like to make. I know it's not a quilt but it's from one of my much loved Tilda books so I'm hoping Adrienne doesn't mind if I slip this fabric teapot in, maybe nobody will notice it's not a quilt, ehm ehm... It's so cute and I have horded some Tilda fabric for too long anyway, so why not?!

Here's my Tilda fabric:

6) I am intrigued lately by equilateral triangles and this quilt by Jeni Baker really caught my eye: Trios Lap Quilt. The pattern is on issue 1 of Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine. I'm still thinking about my fabric choices for this one.

At the moment I'm working on my Barn Door Quilt and on the January One Block Project. Then it's back to the books!

There are just six days left to sign up for The Library Project Quilt Along, so don't miss out! This is going to be fun. It's really interesting to see what a lot of different books we've got too and have a good peek inside the ones we haven't got (yet!).

Chezzetcook Modern Quilts

Linking to Sunday Stash, hosted over at Molli Sparkles, seeing as there's some old and new stash in this post!

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